Triumphant Testimonies


Triumph! Victory! Success! Overcome! Metamorphosis!


Please continue giving women like me the tools to say I can make it!   I am so blessed to have been a part. My only prayer is that your hands   will continue to bless women and help them make the triumphant   transition I made.




It is always nice to get something like this. It feels pretty good, very cool.




Thank   you once again for the services you presented to our clients on June   13, 2005. They were very pleased with the pampering and grooming, and   moved by the words of inspiration and encouragement. Many of the clients   continue to progress in treatment and it is evident that their   self-esteem has been enhanced by your image and professional development   services. One of our clients was motivated to seek employment and he   has been accepted by our Supportive Employment Services Specialist for   referral.


Felicia Bryant, Manager - Edgewater Systems for Balanced Living


I   knew you didn't know all about me, but you knew I was at an extremely   low point in my life and you reached out to me anyway-hugged me, loved   me and ministered to me. When I saw myself in the mirror after my   makeover, I searched for my face, I couldn't believe it was me! Being   with Triumphant Transitions reaffirmed God's love and forgiveness to   me.




My day with Triumphant Transitions   is a day I'll always remember. From the moment I set foot in the door. I   felt like one of the most important people in the world. I felt like a   prize possession.




Triumphant Transitions keep changing lives!




The   makeover I received made me more self - confident and reawakened my   quiet femininity. My makeover made me feel truly blessed and thankful.   My makeover transformation left me amazed at how happier I looked on the   outside and felt even more happier on the inside!




My   Triumphant Transitions makeover was the icing on the cake after my   transition from the shelter. I really appreciate it. The day was   awesome. THANK YOU!




I really enjoyed the service. I have not had special treatment like this for free ever.




I love it! It's been a long time coming for me.




THANK   YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The women looked beautiful and more   important, felt beautiful, vibrant and alive. Your TNT Day of Love made a   truly wonderful difference in their lives. Certainly without good   friends like you Sojourner Truth House could not fulfill its ministry.


Sister Peg Spindler, Sojourner Truth House Director

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